Municipal Choir

Municipal Choir

Biography of Deryneia Municipal Choir

The Deryneia Municipal Choir was founded in 1987. Until today boasts a rich artistic activity for 28 years. Musician group is non-profit. From 1994 onwards it came under the auspices of the Municipality of Deryneia from which amplified.

The Choir is a mixed four-voice, has 50 members and is led by a 7-member Board of Directors. At times served as conductors of the choir are: Anna Protopapa, John Anthony, Adamos Katsandonis, Andreas Gerolemou Tassos and Andreas Protopapas Zakos. Artistic director of the choir since September 2012 is Mr. George Kalogerou.

The repertoire of the Choir includes songs by the Cypriot music tradition and creation. At the same time extended to the choral repertoire of the wider Hellenic area as traditional-folk, religious, patriotic and artistic song. The Choir has included in the repertoire of music from the European and international arena, works of classical repertoire up to contemporary pop and rock creation.

The Municipal Choir Deryneia aims to promote and develop the art of music, the promotion and preservation of contemporary Cypriot music creation, encouraging musical creativity and support the mobility of artists and their works, both in Cyprus and internationally space for the development of relations with the wider society. The purpose of the choir is also spread polyphonic music through the choral song, the visibility and continuation of the traditional and artistic Cypriot song, both on the island and abroad. The choir is one of the most living cells cultural operators Deryneia and participates in all religious, spiritual, national and cultural activities of the Municipality.

The Choir has assets of rich artistic career. He participated in choral festivals in London, Thessaloniki, Megara, Farsala, Naoussa Imathia and Xylokastrou as well as choral meetings in many cities and communities of Cyprus. He collaborated and hosted choirs from Greece (Patraiki and mandolin Mixed Choir, Mixed Choir of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Rhodes, Friends of Music Association in the crotch, the municipality Stagira Acanthus and Music Association Conservatory Naoussa) for joint musical events.

Also collaborated and hosted choirs from cities in France Dijon and Lille, the city Namur of Belgium, the city Brno, Czech Republic, Beirut and took part in festivals in Serbia City Vrnjacka Banja.

The Choir by the former president, has been honored in 1999 by the Association of Choirs Greece. In March 2000 the choir appeared on the Public Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) performing songs from the work of Mikis Theodorakis' Axion Esti ". In July 2001 he collaborated with Greeks artist Vasili Lekka where he presented artistic performance at the roadblock Deryneia as well as national artistic events in Patras and Rhodes.

In the spring of 2002 worked with the Vocal Ensemble of the Larnaca Municipality and Ichokinisi for the presentation of mousikochoreftikotheatrikis show "Human Project" with compositions by Stamatis Kraounakis. In July 2004 he took part in the official celebrations in Nicosia to welcome the Olympic flame. The artistic program included a concert of Marios Toka with six choirs from all over Cyprus.

In March 2006 she sang before the President of the Republic Mr. Tassos Papadopoulos on the occasion of the official opening of the museum "Thalassa" Agia Napa and in May 2009 she sang before the President of the Republic Mr. Demetris Christofias at the theater of the Presidential within the artistic event of the first International Day for people with multiple sclerosis. In October 2014 he participated in the event "Year of Remembrance Costas Montis ... 100 years from birth", organized by the House of Representatives, at the Cultural Center "Melina Mercouri" Nicosia Municipality.

On June 21, 2013, the Choir organized a Solidarity Concert - Tribute to the Apostle Kaldara in Deryneia Municipal Auditorium with the participation of the Cypriot artist Dimitris Fani. In November of the same year organized by Event - Tribute to University entitled "Speak not shut up ... 40 years after ', in collaboration with director Maria Mannaridou Karsera. On July 11, 2014 organized a large concert - Tribute to George Kotsoni "Praise and Lament for Cyprus", to mark the completion of 50 years since the bombing of Tillyria and 40 years since the coup and the Turkish invasion and occupation, with the participation of Kostas and Dimitris Kamenou Fani. On July 1, 2015, the Choir organized Folk Concert - Tribute to Stavros Kougioumtzi "On high windows" with the participation of artists and Dimitri Gerasimou Andreatos Fani.

The Deryneia Municipal Choir seeks cooperation with other choirs from Cyprus, Greece and international space for joint events. For more information contact the Municipality of Deryneia.

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