Municipal Dance Group

Municipal Dance Group

Deryneia as in other areas of culture is also renowned for its great tradition of the cultivation of the art of dance. For many years associations, organizations and other groups have been conducting dance groups participating in various events, celebrations and other activities, presenting Cypriot, Greek and foreign dances.

With the foundation of the Municipality of Deryneia in 1994 the foundation of a dance group was one of its objectives that hadn’t to be missed.

The current ensemble, which was reconstituted in 2008, has 70 members of all ages and comprises a group of adults and children conducted by the choreographers Joanna Marcou and Andrea Papaioannou. The dance classes are held every Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at the conference hall of the 3rd Primary School Deryneia with Cypriot and Greek dances being taught.

Among the main objectives of the Group is the fostering of the popular rituals, customs and traditions of our country, their presentation at events and activities in and outside of Dheryneia, as well as the enjoyment and the spiritually and physically sound engagement in activities of its members. With the help of the Municipality, which supports all the activities of the Group, authentic traditional Cypriot and Greek costumes were fabricated, which raised the Groups standard of appearance considerably.

The group takes part in many events like the celebration of national anniversaries, the strawberry festival and the carnival procession of the Paralimni Municipality. Also the group itself organizes various events such as the tribute to the people of the third age of the Municipality. Furthermore, the annual presentation of two major performances has been established by the group itself. During the summer those are presented in the Amphitheatre of the Municipality and at the traditional feast that is held in the Square of the Panagia Church or at the square of the Folklore Museum. In 2011 an exchange visit with a Municipal Dancing Group from Greece was organised.