Municipal Theatre Group

Municipal Theatre Group

Deryneia also has a long tradition in theatre culture, as it has in music, dance and other cultural areas. For many decades local associations and organizations have been operating theatre groups and put on plays at various national, artistic and other events in Deryneia and elsewhere.

When setting up its operation when constituting Deryneia as Municipality in 1994, the theatre could not be missed from amongst the number of activities of the municipality. In parallel with the operation of the Children's Theatre Workshop, which operates with great success under the guidance of the Deryneian actor and director Christos Karaiskou,, various groups have been created who have presenting plays and have been participating in competitions.

Since 2007 a theatre group has been operating on a permanent, supported by the municipality. The members of the group come from Deryneia and the close region and count more than 35 in number. There are 3 stages, the Children's Stage, the Stage of Cypriot Projects and the Stage of Modern Works. Members of the group also participate in the events and activities of other organized groups in the Municipality.

From September 2018, adult classes (over 18 years old) will operate

Children's Theatre Workshop

The Children's Theatre Workshop was created in October 2002. The objective in this effort of the Municipality is a save and sound occupation for the children and the offer of additional opportunities for knowledge building and passing a pleasant and constructive spare time. Through theatre performance and knowledge building children have the opportunity to express themselves and develop whatever their creative talents and abilities are. They learn to interact and create a spirit of common sense and mutual understanding, while developing their individual skills and talents.

The Head of the Theatre Workshop is Mr. Christos Karaiskou Actor and Director

Preferred age groups are 7 years and over

Fees: € 20

For anyone interested in participation, please contact phone 23811000 or 99605783