Municipal Chess Club

Municipal Chess Club

The Municipality of Deryneia has made progress in the establishment of a Chess unit to promote the sport of Chess in our Municipality. The Academy of the Municipality will be under the aegis of the International Chess Academy, which belongs to the World Chess Federation «FIDE».

The courses are conducted at the Municipal library Deryneia, whereupon each lesson has a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The following small groups are operated:

  • «Chess men I» (beginners, ages 5-8), Wednesday 17:30 hrs.
  • «Chess men II» (Beginners, age 9 years and older)
  • «Knights» (advanced), Thursday 17:15 hrs.
  • The tuition fee per student is € 25 per month (including a contribution for the International Chess Academy).
  • For children of families with many children, for siblings to be simultaneously enrolled in the Academy or students with limited financial means the tuition fees will be only €20 per month.
  • Registration is FREE!!!

For information and registration please refer to: 23811000, 99340674 and [email protected]