The responsibilities of the municipality are stipulated in the Law of Municipalities and represent a wide range of activities.

According to the Municipalities Law, the main functions of the municipality are:

• Management of all local affairs

• The implementation of the Streets and Buildings Law and the Town and Country Planning Law and urban development survey and monitoring

• The preparation of Budgets and execution of development projects

• Financial management of the Municipality

• The operation of the water supply system and the provision of sufficient quantities of appropriate drinking water 

• The operation of the wastewater and sewer system 

• The operation of the rainwater management system 

• The construction and maintenance of roads and street lighting

• The regulation of the traffic system 

• Cleanliness, collection and management of solid waste

• The creation of parks - green areas and protection and preservation of the natural environment

• Control of food-manufacturing and -distribution premises 

• The operation of the Cemetery

• Cultural development