Mayors Message

Mayors Message

Δήμαρχος Δερύνειας κ. Άντρος Καραγιάννης

Dear friends and fellow citizens,

Welcome to Deryneia.

Deryneia is located on the north-east side of Cyprus, close to the city of Ammochostos, also commonly known as Famagusta in English.

Deryneia was seriously damaged by the Turkish invasion around 1974, which caused 75% of the land to be occupied.  Kato Deryneia parish, the beach, the best agricultural part and the industrial zone are all situated on the occupied, northern part of our town.

Deryneia’s population is estimated to be 8,000 people and the town borders include those of Ammochostos, Paralimni, Sotira Municipalities and the communities of Frenaros and Agios Georgios Acheritou-Vrysoulon.

Our aim as new elected mayor and town council is to move forward through development and progress, as well as continuous efforts to establish a better life quality for our fellow citizens.

Our vision is to respect and protect the environment and the parks of our town, what befits our culture and history. Our purpose is to maintain an environmentally friendly town for the families, children and elders. Our goal is to give prominence to our monuments and showcase the importance of our cultural heritage. Deryneia, thanks to the hospitality of its inhabitants and its tradition, constitutes a very attractive destination for tourists, who are visiting nearby places such as Protaras, Agia Napa and other cities of the island. Moreover, what brings young people closer to our municipality is the active participation of our cultural associations in cultural events or athletic competitions and exercising in our athletic social facilities.

Our main concern and aim is to turn this town into an environmentally friendly, innovative and progressive place through foundations and social consistency. Our traditional restaurants can please even the most demanding customers; our churches can offer a tranquil environment to its guests and lastly our strawberry fields are worldwide famous, that makes each of us very proud for our agricultural activity.

We are ready to cater to the modern needs of our people as far as education, health and social prosperity are concerned and regarding employment, culture, sport and environment.

Visit our town to experience our hospitality, tradition and the progress we have made as a community. We may not know everything, but we are open to suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism that would help us to improve our services.

Our tool is our vision and target to fulfill our promises and complete this program in 5 years. Our call for understanding, support and trust during this transition will help us to bring Deryneia one step forward.

These are the aims we premise, so as to expand the development, the entrepreneurship, the touristic movement, the production of cultural activity, promoting sports and environmental conscience. Our mission is to protect and support this progress for a better standard of living of each and every individual in our town.

Thank you.

Andros G. Karayiannis