Deryneia has always been renowned for its high level of cleanliness that has characterized the residents, their personal environment and the appearance of the municipality in general.

Cleaning roads

The municipality employs personnel for the daily cleaning of the central area while a mechanical sweeper for the cleaning of the central traffic hubs and roads in the periphery of the central area is deployed.

Refuse Collection

The Municipality of Deryneia and the Communities of Sortira, Liopetri Frenaros, Avgorou and St. George Acheritou (Vrysoules) form the Waste Collection Network within which they collaborate in the collection and management of solid residual waste.

The collection of garbage from all premises is carried out twice a week on specified days of the week. Every Monday and Thursday evening the waste is collected with a special refuse collection vehicle from the area "A" of the municipality and every Tuesday and Friday night from the rest of the region, the area "B" of the municipality. 

The waste should be made available for collection in time, stored in the respectively specified bin liners, which should be placed in appropriate bins.

The area "A" covers the central core, the northern and the eastern part of the municipality and is circumscribed by the streets Evagoras and its side streets, Th. Pierides street, the part of Dimokratia Street leading up to its intersection with Th. Pierides street, the part of Stadiou Street leading up to its junction with Achilleas Street and Omonia Street and the side streets. It also includes Makarios III street.

The area 'B' covers the southwest region of the Municipality, including the Self-housing settlement district (Synikismos) and the industrial zone. It is circumscribed by Salamis Street, Theodosis Pierides Street, Athens Street, the Anagennisi Stadium (from the junction with Antistasi Street) and Kalithea Street.

Since 16 August 2010 the refuse of the Larnaca and Famagusta region has been transported to the Kosi landfill. As the management and the transfer of garbage to the Kosi landfills has dramatically increased the cost of the local authorities, the latter called upon the citizens to reduce their solid waste by applying a recycling scheme.


On 1 June 2009 the implementation of the collection scheme of recyclable materials in the Municipality, in cooperation with the Green Dot Scheme Cyprus, was started.

There are large capacities for reducing the quantities of waste targeting a reduction of the related growing management costs, an objective, which requires whatsoever the awareness and participation of everyone.

The importance of recycling

There are a lot of benefits of recycling in our daily lives! Recycling is a cyclical activity that has the power to enhance our quality of life. It is very effective for the recovery of used materials and the promotion of new products. By participating in recycling we give power to the circle of life.

The participation of all citizens brings benefits to our country and to all of us, as it contributes to:

• discharging the environment from large amounts of household waste, since many of the disposed of items are recyclable materials.

• the saving of raw materials and energy, as the amount of energy needed to produce products from primary raw materials is a lot higher than the amount needed for processing used materials.

• the strengthening of our country's economy and the improvement of our quality of life and furthermore to the preservation of public health.

• a more human environment for us and our children.

Recyclable materials are divided into three categories and include the following items:

Category PMD

• Plastic bottles and boxes

• Metal packaging

• Beverage cartons (type Tetrapak)

Category Paper

• Dry cardboard boxes and cartons

• Newspapers

• Magazines

• Promotional leaflets

• Office paper

Category Glass

• Glass bottles

• Glass jars

• Other glass containers

Collection schedule

The paper is collected every Monday and Thursday, the PMD materials are collected every Tuesday and Friday and every Wednesday paper packaging is collected from business premises where large quantities are produced. The collection of glass is scheduled according to the amount ready for collection.

The collection of the above materials is carried out by a special workforce from the following points in the municipality:

- Town hall parking in Irinis Street

- High School Deryneia  in Yiannos Kranidiotis Street

- The Refugees Settlement (Sinikismou) in Stadiou Street

- A’ Primary School in Vlasios Mouzouri Street

- B’ Primary School in Panepistimio Street

- C’ Primary School in Achilleos Street

- Kindergarten Deryneia in Kindergarten Street

- Bakery "Agios Konstantinos" in Eleftheria Street

- By the chapel St Antoniou in Agia Marina Street

- At the end of Alakati Road

- At St Modestou square

- By the cafe "Hainides" in Olympia Street 

The Municipality of Deryneia calls upon residents and visitors of the municipality to participate in this effort in order to substantially contribute to the success of the recycling program.

Skip for horticultural waste and other materials

The council provides space for the disposal of yard trimmings, discarded bulk objects and other materials that are not collected from the household refuse collection network. The compound is located north of Famagusta General Hospital near the Buffer Zone. Access to the area is through Dim. Christodoulou Road and Agia Marina. It is expected that by applying the "Green Dot" scheme, which would include the environmentally-friendly disposal of such materials, the use of the site will soon end and the area be restored.