Day Care Centre

Day Care Centre

Children’s Unit

A few years after the Turkish invasion of 1974, in a difficult time both for our country and for our semi-occupied municipality, a group of volunteers of our municipality, founded the Community Welfare Council, which was recently renamed Community Volunteer Council (CVC).

Immediately after its establishment the CVC set itself as priority the creation of kindergarten centres for hosting pre-school children to help working mothers in the difficult conditions of the present time and furthermore to provide incentives and opportunities for other mothers to start a job.

Day care centre Deryneia

After several attempts, in 1978 the Day Care Centre was put in operation on rented premises, while a few years later, after tremendous efforts had been made, a prefabricated building was built, where the first Community Day Care Centre in the Free Famagusta Area moved in.

Today in CVC Deryneia all the organized groups of the Municipality are represented and managed by a twelve-member board of directors chaired by Mr Dimitris Fokki.

Two years after the proclamation of the Deryneia Municipality in 1994 and on the initiative of the then Mayor Mrs Flora Ioannou and the then Board of CVC Deryneia, our Municipality was provided with a modern private kindergarten which today is a prototype children care centre.

The centre in its current form opened in 1996 and was built with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and the High Commission of the United Nations for Refugees. Because of that sponsorship our centre has a bi-communal character and could, if circumstances allow, accommodate children from the Turkish Cypriot Community.

The centre now hosts about 180 children and thus serves a large number of families, especially the working mothers.

The Day-care Centre Deryneia currently accommodates three units of pre-primary education and three units of Community Kindergarten, hosting younger children of three years and older.

In addition to the above classes, which operate until 1:05 pm, two afternoon classes, which are for children of working mothers, operate on the premises of the day-care centre until 5 pm in the winter and 6 pm in the summer.

Children Club

The Children's Club Deryneia is open daily throughout the whole year and hosts children who attend primary school in the Municipality giving them the opportunity to constructively utilize their time in an effort to support their working parents during the school year as well as during the summer months.

The program of the Children's Club includes, apart from the program of safe and educational activities for children, a transfer from the Primary Schools, provision of lunch and an afternoon meal, preparation of homework for children and breakfast during the summer months.