Eleftherias Avenue

Eleftherias Avenue

The reconstruction of Eleftherias Avenue has commenced.

The Project is integral with the 1 April Street project in Paralimni and is implemented in phases.

The scope of the project regarding the Dheryneia area starts from the roundabout by the Paralimni lake canal and reaches up to the traffic lights in the centre of the municipality.

The project costs are around € 4.000.000, subsidized by the government with 80% for all communities.

The project includes:

- Underground services EAC and CYTA

- Installation of modern street lighting

- Construction of pavements and pedestrian crossings

- Construction of rainwater pipes

- Replacement of the domestic water system

- Construction of a sewage system including sewage pipelines

- Creation of a cycling lane

- Installation of secondary treatment water return pipelines

- Strips of greenery