Municipal Library

Municipal Library

The first library in Deryneia was called into life at the Cultural Association "Anagennisi" which was founded in 1920. In the following a Community Library was put into operation, housed in various different places and at times being run as a lending library with the voluntary initiative of progressive teachers. Further libraries were opened later by the Primary Schools and other institutions of the Municipality.

In 1994, with the upgrade of the institution of the local government and the proclamation of Deryneia as a Municipality, the Community Library was renamed Municipal Library. It was stocked up with a large number of books and has been operating as a lending library since 1999, situated on the first floor of the Town Hall. In 2003 the space of the Library was extended. It currently has 12,000 volumes of books and is constantly stocked up. There is a selection of books for education, research, entertainment and a large collection of children's books.

The constant search for new valuable titles and publications and the effort of obtaining and maintaining them is one of the main tasks of the Municipal Library. 

In the library the books purchased by or donated to the municipality are recorded, stamped and entered into the library’s register. The lending is organised applying a card index with cards, which the members hold.

Our Municipal Library also develops remarkable efforts in the promotion of the institution?. It organizes book presentations, invites book authors and writers, etc. The membership is open to children and adults from Deryneia and the surrounding area.

The library operates all year round, in the afternoons only and during the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. During the winter (October - April) the operating hours are 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. and during the summer season (May-September) 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p¬¬¬¬¬.m.

Pupils and students often visit the library as they can find there a large number of materials for their work, studies and the surveys that they are working on.

The Deryneia Public Library regularly receives visits from schools, which aim to familiarize the pupils with books and with the library. Through organised tours the children are informed about the operation of a library and its regulations. With book exhibitions, children's programs and other events the Municipal Library Deryneia contributes to the development of culture not only in Deryneia but also in the wider region.

For more information contact us on 23811462 during the opening hours of the Library.

Library Manager: Mr Elevtheria Takoushi

Operation instructions of the Library

•Books are lent for 21 days.

•If the respective book has not been requested by another reader, the borrower can renew or extend the rental period by another 21 days.

•The reader can borrow up to 3 books at the time.

•The books must be returned clean and on the date endorsed on the back of the book.

•Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other reference books cannot be borrowed and the persons interested in reading must devote time to studying these types of books in the Public Library auditorium.

•Adult members have to pay a token annual fee of € 20. (except students, soldiers and pupils)