Municipal Parks

Municipal Parks

Municipal Park Paul Liasides

The Municipal Park Paul Liasides is located opposite the kindergarten Deryneia in Kindergarten Street.

It accommodates the bust of the folk poet Paul Liasides, whom it is named for.

It is designed as a small Playground and adorned with beautiful ornamental trees and various herbs. There is also a small pond with a fountain and lighting in the evening. It is open to the public daily and at all hours of the day.

Theme Park Deryneia

On Iroon Street, next to the B Primary School Deryneia, stretching over an area of  approximately one decare, there is the Theme Park, which was completed in May 2002.

It features a solar clock, a show cage of Cypriot birds and a small cafeteria. It presents all traditional ways of pumping the water, as is the method of Archimedes, the drawing well, the windmill, the pump, the lever and the water tap.

In the same place an outdoor amphitheatre seating 800 people was built. It is a gem for the Community and hosts many cultural events throughout the summer.

Parks of the Newborn Children of the Municipality

In 2005 the City Council in collaboration with the Plant Nursery of Christina Tsama began creating parks dedicated to the newborn children of the municipality. In each park a tree dedicated to their newborn child is planted by the families of the newborn.

(a) Park of the Newborn of 2004

It was created at the corner of Politexniou Street and Limassol Street in March 2005 with 69 trees planted, the number of newborns of the Municipality in 2004.

(b) Park of the Newborn 2005

Located at Hippocrates Street near the New General Hospital of Famagusta. 53 trees, the number of newborn children in the Municipality in 2005, were planted in it in March 2006.