Saint Marina Church

Saint Marina Church

The church is a pure Byzantine style building with a dome, probably dating back to the 12th century. It consists of two equal-sized smal churches linked by passages.

It is located in the secluded fields about three kilometers east of Deryneia in a small valley that once resembled a small paradise. Many almond trees, fig trees and vines with their green color bestow a pleasant tone to the landscape.

The building is inside the buffer zone controlled by the peacekeeping force of the United Nations. Every year on July 17, escorted by the United Nations military, pilgrims from Deryneia and other parts of Cyprus travel there to attend Mass and to pray in her mercy. She is the protector of children.

Below the church in a cave holy water flows from a well in which the sick children used to be washed in order for them to be healed. Beside the church is the "palloura" (thorny bush) of Agia Marina.

It has a characteristic and unique tree shape despite the fact that it is a low bush. On the "palloura" baby clothes used to be hung in order to heal sick children.