Technical Department

Technical Department

Our Technical Department consists of Office Staff and technical staff.

The Office Staff are the Municipal Engineer Gavriela Gavriel-Polycarpou, Head of the Department and the Assistant Clerical Officer Maria Maouri-Panayiotou. The Clerical Officer Kyriacos Panayiotou is also involved in many of the projects of the Technical department.

The technical staff  are Kostas Skouros as plumber, Gregoris Killis as builder, Nikos Ch. Lily operative for general duties, Christos Zanis responsible for green areas, Evangelos Vartas and Tasos Stasis operatives for general duties and Eleni Gerimou as street cleaner.

The main tasks of the Department are the issuing of building licenses, Separation of Land property, the urban development management, planning, building site surveys and inspections, etc. It provides counseling and guidance for residents in matters concerning the Streets and Buildings Law and the Town and Country Planning Law. 

In collaboration with government departments (District Administration, Department of Lands, Town Planning and Housing Department, Department of Public Works, Department of Agriculture, Water Development Department, Police etc.) and all the services (EAC, CYTA, Fire brigade etc.) it supervises and coordinates the planning and surveying as well as ongoing development projects.

It is involved in the design and maintenance of the road network and the green areas as well as the flood water management, wastewater management, street lighting and cleanliness.

The Technical Department also regulates traffic affairs in cooperation with the Police, as required.

In cooperation with the Clerical Officer it plans the extension of the water supply network and furthermore engages in the administration of applications for development projects and the management of daily maintenance issues and damages to the water supply system. The Department also deals with the solving of disruption problems.

The Assistant Clerical Officer is responsible for the file keeping and correspondence of the Technical Department and takes on the responsibilities of the personal secretary of the engineer, receives applications, manages complaints, serving citizens, etc.