1st Primary School

1st Primary School

According to the data available, the first primary school in the Municipality opened in 1882. It was housed in two rooms, which are still preserved in the courtyard of the Panagia Church. It served as a school for boys and girls.

In 1923 the first two rooms of the 1st Primary School Deryneia, now located on the east side of the courtyard of the school, were built.

In 1945 another classroom was built, in 1952 three new classrooms, a headmaster’s office, storage and restrooms were added, subsequently followed by two more classrooms in 1960.

Over the years and until recently new classrooms and utility rooms were added and the situation has greatly improved in terms of materials, equipment and maintenance of the school.

The school today is fairly adequately equipped and features classrooms, rooms of special topics, offices, a technology room, an art room, a housekeeping room, playing fields and a canteen. It also has a nice garden and greenery.

This year the school is attended by 136 children and is divided into 8 classes.

The vision of our school management is the conversion of the school into a place of joy and creativity for each individual child, so that each child can build its self-confidence and develop its personality to the maximum extent possible, within a pleasant, democratic, secure, peaceful, loving environment where the acceptance and respect for diversity, such as identifying the European spirit and the European Union's culture prevails.

The aims of our school are:

• Foster a love for reading

• Improved self-esteem and strengthen the self-image of all children

• Recognition, prevention and treatment of bullying issues

Our school currently participates in the following programs:

• European Network of Health Promoting Schools

• Daphne III program