Municipality Publications

Municipality Publications

Deryneia Municipality 1994 - 2001

The album edition is an account of the activity and the contribution of the Municipal Council for the period 1994 - 2001. In 1994 Deryneia was upgraded from an Improvement Board to a Municipality.

The album includes the development projects that have been or are being implemented in order to improve the quality of life of the citizens, for cultural progress and furthermore for development of the environment and the general appearance of the municipality in interest of the public.

The album is available for free.

Memory and Honour, The Participation of Deryneia in the 2nd World War

This album preserves the commemmoration and pays tribute to Deryneia´s participation in World War II. The publication includes data of Deryneian veterans who are worthy of accolade and honor for their bravevery of voluntarily engaging in the allied struggle whilst ignoring the risk to their own lives.

The City Council decided to issue the album as a small tribute to and recognition of the sacrifice of those who are gone but also for the living.

The album is available for purchase at the price of € 8,50.

The toponyms of Deryneia and other historical values

The publication includes all the former names of Deryneia as well as information about the origin of each one of them, the roads, rivers, pens, kilns, caves, the fences, threshing floors, gardens and everything else in relation to the economy of the period between 1908 - 1913 concerning Deryneia in it’s various walks of life. A printed map is enclosed to the leaflet, published in cooperation with the Land Registry Office. The purpose of the issue is the preservation of the history of Deryneia and to remind the younger generations of the history of our area.

The publication was financed by the Municipality of Deryneia, the COOP Deryneia and the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The album is available for free.